DJI Racing Drone

February 12, 2017

DJI is releasing a new racing frame and a motor-prop combo! The Rotor Riot guys test it out and see if it's worth its salt.

Visit our store HERE: -Build Components- DJI Snail Racing Propulsion System:

DJI Snail 5048S Tri Blade: FrSky XSR: TBS Triumph:

TBS Unify Pro:

Rotor Riot Runcam Swift: BetaflightF3

FC and OSD: -

Pilots / Hosts- Tommy Tibajia [UmmaGawd]

Steele Davis [Mr Steele]

Kevin Dougherty [StingersSwarm] -Production Team- Chad Kapper - Executive Producer Tommy Tibajia - Producer Christian Kapper - Editor

MUSIC: Escape From an Unknown Planet By: Senbei

Tokyo Subway By: Peter McIsaac Music

Flux By: The Universe Express Roots By: Tobu Download for FREE:

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