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  • DNV GL drone inspection on the Rowan Gorilla VI1:52

    DNV GL drone inspection on the Rowan Gorilla VI

    DNV GL surveyors recently used drones to inspect the Rowan Gorilla VI, a Super Gorilla Class Jack-up owned by Rowan Companies. Over four days in Aberdeen, with a local surveyor in attendance, the two-

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  • No Drone Zones3:20

    No Drone Zones

    With thanks to Lakes Weekly Bulletin TV for making this video with Airways to explain where drones can’t be flown in Queenstown, why, and how to get the right permissions. Clayton Lightfoot, the Chief

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  • Airways NZ AirMap trial2:41

    Airways NZ AirMap trial

    Airways is working with UAV operators and AirMap to trial UAV Traffic Management technologies and how these might benefit our customers and industry stakeholders, while maintaining our safety standard

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  • Rare images of blue whale feeding behavior2:24

    Rare images of blue whale feeding behavior

    Oregon State scientists captured some rare blue whale feeding behavior from a research drone. Whales are the largest creatures on earth, and they get their energy by consuming some of the smallest cre

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  • Drones vs Lightning ⚡5:31

    Drones vs Lightning ⚡

    At the University of Manchester's High Voltage Laboratory, we see what happens when a DJI Phantom 3 drone gets hit with an electrical impulse of 1.4MV - basically, a lightning strike. Actually, two Ph

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  • DJI Racing Drone8:47

    DJI Racing Drone

    DJI is releasing a new racing frame and a motor-prop combo! The Rotor Riot guys test it out and see if it's worth its salt. Visit our store HERE: -Build Components- DJI S

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  • Rotorcross NZ Te Papa - 1 News2:13

    Rotorcross NZ Te Papa - 1 News

    FPV drone racing exhibition at Te Papa - a first!

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  • 3D Mapping with a drone - DroneMate1:56

    3D Mapping with a drone - DroneMate

    Here is an example of 3D mapping and more using a drone. Visit our website for more info: We provide this service throughout all of New Zealand.

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  • 2D RUN - MMP 3 (Mixed Motion Project)5:39

    2D RUN - MMP 3 (Mixed Motion Project)

    Contact: Stunts: Ilko Iliev D.O.P.: Marin Kafedjiiski Music by: The Derevolutions - Bad King Kong

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  • Worst drones at CES 20173:50

    Worst drones at CES 2017

    We've gathered the worst drones of CES. Subscribe: Check out our full video catalog: Visit our playlists: Like The Verge on Facebook:

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    Showing the broken coastline at Oaro and north of Kaikoura from near Mangamaunu up to Half Moon Bay, Ohau Point and Paparoa Point South Island, New Zealand This video was filmed on 25th December 201

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    WATCH THE FILM HERE - Beats By : Snapchat: JessePvP Facebook: http://

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  • The Kaikoura Paua Relocation and Relief Project6:26

    The Kaikoura Paua Relocation and Relief Project

    On November 14, 2016 two minutes past midnight in the South Island of New Zealand, the Kaikoura region was shaken violently by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The coast line rose up to 2.5m leaving thous

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  • Drone & Tigers - dizifilms.ca1:35

    Drone & Tigers -

    Drone & Tigers by David Etienne Durivage, Director - Producer - Drone Pilot ( TV producer, director and commercial drone pilot, David Etienne Durivage is the founder of

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  • NDVI comparison drone survey with a Sentera NIR Sensor drone - DroneMate Agriculture8:28

    NDVI comparison drone survey with a Sentera NIR Sensor drone - DroneMate Agriculture

    This video is about the comparison of 2 NDVI outputs of the same field flown 2 weeks apart. Be sure to stay tuned to this channel to see more surveys of this field throughout the grow season. Here is

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  • Bakomfilm Dronekakebaking1:59

    Bakomfilm Dronekakebaking

    Se hvordan dronekaken til Telia ble laget og alt som måtte stemme for å få til en reklamefilm med droner i hovedrollen. Les mer om feiringen av Norges beste 4G-nett her

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  • New Zealand - A Drone Experience4:06

    New Zealand - A Drone Experience

    Please like/share if you enjoyed, and subscribe for more. Thanks for watching! Music by Maxzwell Support the artist: Twitter: Insta

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  • West Coast Adventures3:06

    West Coast Adventures

    Shot on the Northern West Coast of New Zealand over the weekend of 17 September 2016 using a DJI Phantom 4.

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  • NEW ZEALAND 20162:35
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  • Quadcam Drones Ltd5:35

    Quadcam Drones Ltd

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