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June 27, 2016 Harriet Jenkins







Philip Solaris - X-Craft:

For the last six years X-craft have been leading the way in robotic aircraft design and development in New Zealand and has forged relationships with world-leading companies in this sector. We have conducted a wide range of operations and our primary focus has been on developing capability for the emergency services sector. This has taken us from flood-damaged Whanganui to post-cyclone disaster relief operations in Vanuatu for the World Bank. Our knowledge and experience range from the labs and workshops to the rigours of field work.

From all of this comprehensive work we have identified the key to improving all emergency response is the ability to conduct rapid information collection and dissemination. This is where robotic systems can excel. To achieve this we have developed the Rescue Robotics Information Network. This powerful system is a world first. It will revolutionise the way we carry out emergency responses, from small local events to national scale disasters. Immediate information for ambulance, fire, search & rescue and all relief organisations. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We invite you to be part of making history. Donate to our Indigogo campaign and help New Zealand lead the way in the future of emergency relief. Support us and save lives.

Please visit :               

For more information visit :

Your contribution will be fully refunded if we do not reach our target of USD$500,000

Philip Solaris

09 8108929        022 1523928

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