Profile: Aerial Imagery Ltd

August 1, 2016 Harriet Jenkins

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Operator: Aerial Imagery Ltd

Established: 2013

Location: Christchurch

Aerial Imagery Ltd was established in October 2013 and is based in Christchurch. We have 25 years of flying experience. Director Carl Sheppard started out as a hobbyist RC pilot and dived into the experience of FPV (First Person View) piloting when it was new to the world, embarking on epic adventures with a flying wing through the mountains of the South Island. Carl's fleet soon grew and the opportunity to turn a passion into a job became apparent.

Initially we started out with just the one drone which was used for aerial photography and video. Since then we've had steady growth and now have 3 drones, an Inspire Pro for professional photography and video, an S900 for heavy lift and specific payloads and a TBS Discovery Pro for inspections and close proximity work.

Aerial Imagery collaborates with other like-minded companies such as, Aerial Imaging, X Craft, Global Aerial Platforms (GAP) and most recently Pegasi to deliver the results our clients require.

We are a small but highly motivated company that thrives in providing solutions to our clients however big or small. Even though the market place is becoming saturated with similar companies Aerial Imagery has a steady client base and continues to grow.

We recently collaborated with the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch and Guillaume of Beca to create a 3D model of the quake torn Basilica Cathedral which can be viewed on our website. This was a challenging task but very rewarding!

We look forward to continued growth, future collaborations and expanding our footprint abroad.

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