PRESS RELEASE: Airshare team up with Aeronavics on Drone 101 training

April 3, 2016 Harriet Jenkins

Raglan-based Aeronavics has partnered with Airshare to include their recently released Drone 101 training course into their training programme. Aeronavics has combined the Airshare Drone 101 programme with their already comprehensive training package.

“Safety is our top priority. It is important that our customers understand the rules and regulations of flying UAVs. Our training programme already places a strong focus on safety and flying within the law. However,  by combining with Airshare we can ensure that our customers are gaining the highest level of training possible,” says Linda Bulk, director of Aeronavics .

Airshare is the UAV hub for New Zealand, and was developed in collaboration with UAVNZ, the Civil Aviation Authority and Crown entity Callaghan Innovation. Airshare places New Zealand at the leading edge of the UAV industry, bringing together over 2000 registered users to ensure safety and regulation within the UAV community.

The Airshare Drone 101 online course covers: Civil Aviation Rules and airspace, flight preparation and planning  and operations. Additionally, the course includes six useful checklists to guide you through your drone flights from start to finish.

As world-leaders in this technology, Aeronavics Ltd understands the importance of safe and reliable products used by responsible people. Aeronavics is an established and trusted brand worldwide.  A well thought out mix of aerodynamic features, robustness, and durability through high-quality industrial composite and aerospace materials, functionality, and visual appeal make its craft stand out in performance as well as looks.

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