My Flights Updates December 2017

December 12, 2017 Trent Fulcher

As part of our ongoing improvement program, some exciting developments have recently been made to airshare’s My Flights.

From today, when you log your controlled airspace flights, a Flight Progress Strip (FPS) will be automatically generated in the Control Tower.

Flight Progress Strips (FPS) are electronic or paper records that display flight details, including height and location, that ATC use as a memory aid to maintain situational awareness of air traffic.

To facilitate this development, you will notice some small changes to the flight logging form. When you amend, cancel or terminate your flight via airshare, a FPS will be generated to alert the controller.

The new features of the flight logging form include:

Multiday flights: You now have the option of adding additional dates for operations that span multiple days. Using this option will generate multiple flight IDs for each time/date that you add. To view each flight that is generated, navigate to the ‘View Flights’ tab in your profile.

Amend time: A new function has been added to amend the time of your planned flight (not the day). This feature allows you to reflect when your flight will be proceeding accurately and will not alter the current state of the flight (e.g., provisionally authorised flights will remain authorised). If you need to amend the date of your flight, the normal Amend function is still available.

Terminate flight: If you have received your clearance to operate from the ATC Tower and have now finished your flight, instead of ringing ATC to advise them you can click on the Terminate Flight button. If you use this feature, there is no need to ring the Tower. This is the preferred option for ATC as it reduces phone call workload.  

Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments

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