Looking back - and looking forward with airshare (on our 2nd birthday)

June 29, 2016 Trent Fulcher

We’re suddenly halfway through the year already – winter has certainly arrived here in Canterbury. The mountains were snow-capped on the drive to airshare HQ this morning and looking beautiful!

Talking of beautiful landscapes, we’ve been impressed with some of the drone images and videos shot by airshare users so far this year – amazing work guys. You can take a look at the latest videos here.

Airshare is also fast approaching its 2nd birthday! We’ll no doubt eat some cake to celebrate. We can’t share the birthday cake with you all so we thought this would be a good time to share some key airshare data that we've gathered over the past two years. 

This will provide some (hopefully!) interesting insights into the UAV industry in New Zealand and how significant the growth has been.

Year one (2014/15) saw 976 users signing up to airshare to log flights and receive up-to-date UAV news. Of those initial 976 users, 460 were commercial businesses either established or just starting up in using drones commercially. 

At the end of our second year of airshare, we have more than 2,645 registered users on the site, logging a total of 14,321 UAV flights during that time.

We now have a total of 968 commercial operators registered with us, many of whom are also represented in the Marketplace section of our site.

Since airshare was launched, the CAA also released a new set of regulations governing the use of drones and UAVs in New Zealand skies, including Part 101 and Part 102 certification (for operators wanting to fly under variations to Part 101 rules.)

airshare ventured into a little e-commerce with the launch of our Drone 101 training airbook just before Christmas 2015, put together by our crack team of flight trainers here at Airways NZ, and so far over 300 drone enthusiasts have taken advantage of this resource.

We have run campaigns around Christmas each year to raise the awareness of people who might be giving or receiving drones for Christmas gifts, to ensure they understand the rules and know where to get more information.

Since the site was launched, there have been 150,000+ visits to the site in terms of user "sessions" by nearly 80,000 "users".

Consistently just over half of the traffic to the site is from people visiting for the first time, with the remainder of the traffic coming from repeat visitors (who are arriving to log their flights, catch up on news, watch videos, find a drone pilot, check regulations and all the other things you can do on the site.)

Going forward, in the next month we will be launching an exciting update to the Marketplace area of the site, which will help promote the range of experienced commercial operators who are providing drone based services around New Zealand. Read more here

Our commitment with airshare is to continue building its functionality as the true "hub" for all things drone/UAV related in New Zealand, making it easy for new pilots to find all the information they need in one place, and enabling people wanting to hire commercial drone operators to easily find the services they are looking for.

As always we are focused on safety and education, and on being actively engaged with the drone community here in New Zealand to gather feedback and ensure the lines of communication are kept open.


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