Keeping up with the Droneses

July 28, 2016 Harriet Jenkins

This month airshare was invited to be on the panel of the monthly #SMCAKL event. You are probably wondering ‘what on earth is SMCAKL?!’

 Social Media Club Auckland (SMCAKL) are a Twitter-crazy group of social media and marketing professionals who meet once a month to drink something cold, meet someone new and learn something useful.

July’s event focused on drones - where we are now, where we’re going and how they can be used to create unique and unexpected content.  On the panel alongside airshare was Arturo Pelayo - Innovation Consultant, Simon Che De Boer -Director at, and Dylan Packman - Head of Community Management at Socialites NZ.  

Arturo took us on a short journey to the future which, unsurprisingly, is a world dominated by technology. According to Arturo, innovation and technology is accelerating in a way that will have a fundamental role in the development of UAVs. Arturo believes that New Zealand has unique advantages that could make our country a potential world model for development of new services and the advancement of core technology leading to a New Zealand Roadless Economy. Pretty cool stuff which, according to the plentiful #SMCAKL Tweets flying around, was definitely not a dull topic! You can view Arturo’s presentation here.

MC for the night, Wendy Thompson (CEO Socialites NZ), held a Q&A with airshare (AKA: Me) covering all things safety, regulations and privacy. A few follow up questions from the crowd made it clear that drone operators are keen to ensure they are flying safety which is great to see.

Simon Che De Boer brought along an incredible Virtual Reality (VR) demo that put you at the top of the Auckland SkyTower and by all accounts was extremely realistic! Being terrified of heights nearly as much as public speaking, I didn’t think I could survive both in one night so gave the demo a miss.  

Dylan Packman delivered an overview of how business are using drones to enhance their brand and create thumb-stopping content. I was totally creeped out by the Black Friday Sales campaign in Brazil that used headless drone-mounted mannequins to showcase clothing deals. 

A huge thank you to the #SMCAKL organisers for inviting airshare along to such a fun and engaging event! 


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