Introducing automation to airshare

August 30, 2017 Trent Fulcher

Providing faster flight authorisations and reducing the workload of Air Traffic Controllers are the two key drivers behind the latest improvements to airshare My Flights.

There are 17 control zones located around the 17 controlled aerodromes in New Zealand. Control Zones extend down to surface level (SFC) and are designed to protect air traffic operating to and from the aerodrome.

Air Traffic Control (ATC) provide provisional authorisation for unshielded UAV flights within control zones via airshare My Flights. Final authorisation is provided via telephone immediately prior to the planned UAV flight.

From today (August 31 2017), automatic provisional authorisation will be available for some flight requests within control zones.

Planned UAV flights that are not in close proximity to the controlled aerodrome and are below 400ft above ground level (AGL) will be provided with instant provisional authorisation.

Automatic provisional authorisation, as a general guide, will be available if your planned flight is more than 5km from the controlled aerodrome and meets the altitude requirement.

In addition, to benefit from automatic provisional authorisation, your flight will need to be logged 24hrs in advance.

Automated provisional authorisation is only available within ATC controlled aerodromes. Military Operating Areas (MOAs) around Ohakea and Whenuapai aerodromes will not be subject to instant authorisations.

Automatic provisional authorisations will provide increased certainty around operations that are not within close proximity to airports and get you off the ground faster.

Keep an eye on your airshare authorisation emails to see if your next flight is instantly authorised!


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