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Control? Flying with Have fun, but remember it's an aircraft… About Part 101 and Part 102 Rules For all the information you need about flying your aircraft safely, and within the rules, go to Everyone flying under the rules in Part 101: If the maximum takeoff weight – that is, the weight of your aircraft plus any additional gear you have on it, such as a camera – is under 15 kg, you don't need to worry about doing anything other than flying it safely, according to those rules. Most models sold in shops weigh one to three kilograms. If the maximum takeoff weight is 15 kg to 25 kg, your aircraft must have been constructed, or inspected and approved, then operated, under the authority of a person or association approved by the Director of Civil Aviation. Go to the CAA web site, for a list of them. 'Certification' under Part 102 may enable you to fly your aircraft if you cannot fly under the rules in Part 101: Part 102 is based on the risk of flying operations. Applicants must submit an 'exposition' showing that they have identified the hazards in their operation, and assessed and managed the associated risks. Each application will be considered on its merits – that allows for the wide scope of operations made possible by RPAS. Once you've decided that you do need to be certificated for your type of operation, we've provided some documents to help you. There's a compliance matrix for both Part 101 and 102, and you will need to complete both to apply for a Part 102 certificate. There's also a sample exposition you can use. Before you start flying, contact the CAA for advice: Additional Information For all the information you need about flying your aircraft safely, and within the rules, go to: The only official depiction of airspace is in the aeronautical charts available to buy from There are about 75 model aircraft clubs in New Zealand. You might want to join one to take advantage of local knowledge, learn about safe operating practices, and get a better understanding of rule requirements. Model Flying NZ,, is the longest- established model flying organisation in New Zealand. Contact them for information about having your 15 to 25 kg aircraft inspected and approved to fly; and about gaining the qualification to fly less than 4 km from an aerodrome. Go to the same place to subscribe to receive a notification when our safety magazine Vector is published on the web site. To learn more about the world of RPAS, and for help with planning your flights, go to the UAV hub, 'Airshare' On that web page, you can also see a list of organisations approved to train you to fly your aircraft safely and within the rules. For free stuff about airspace – posters, booklets – have a look at the web page above, then email To be notified of any changes or updates to the rules in Parts 101 and 102, go to our Email Notification Service:

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